Published Articles

GP facing $600k defamation suit after Facebook stoush

She publicly accused a rival doctor of stealing her ideas on Medicare billing.
07 February 2019

Harassment and bullying in medicine has reached 'endemic' levels, experts warn

Studies on harassment suggest that up to 50% of health workers experience abuse.
05 November 2018

Want to satisfy your patients? Buy a white coat

White coats are a rarity in Australia these days and banned in the UK, but doctors may want to rethink this trend, a US survey suggests
27 June 2018

GP and practice owner in waiting-room brawl

A waiting-room brawl between a practice owner and another GP saw blood spilled in full view of patients.
03 August 2017

'Systemic sexism': female doctors are still quizzed on family plans in job interviews

The practice has been described as “systemic sexism”.
03 July 2017

National survey shows some GPs are more loved than others

GPs rate very highly with patients when it comes to taking time to listen and being respectful, but there are some regional variations.
09 June 2017

My Health Record privacy 'thoroughly enforced': department

The Department of Health says no health practitioners have been caught abusing the privacy of the My Health Record system.
12 April 2017

GP who married two patients banned for 12 months

He is 'hardworking and diligent', but has a problem with professional boundaries, tribunal told.
25 March 2017

Is this Australia’s longest-serving doctor’s receptionist?

She has witnessed the introduction of Medicare, the demise of GPs doing appendicectomies and has embraced the internet age.
10 February 2017

Female doctors have better outcomes but lower pay

Patients fare better when treated by female doctors but are still often paid less than their male colleagues, a US study reveals.
20 December 2016