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Inactive surveillance? Men with low-risk prostate cancer fall through cracks

Nearly three-quarters of Australian men with low-risk prostate cancer are not being properly followed up in line with best practice, researchers warn.
29 May 2018

One-off PSA test may do more harm than good, largest study to date shows

The largest prostate cancer screening study to date has found that a one-off test detects more early-stage, low-grade cancers but fails to make any difference to mortality.
09 March 2018

New prostate risk tool will help with PSA quandary

The difficult decisions on PSA screening can be guided by a new genetic tool that provides a personalised prediction of aggressive prostate cancer risk, researchers say.
11 January 2018

Watchful waiting after PSA tests? No worries

Concerns that men whose prostate cancer is treated conservatively may be left anxious and depressed have been allayed by Australian research.
13 September 2017