Published Articles

Childhood seizures linked to later mental illness

Those with both febrile seizures and epilepsy have almost three times the risk of developing schizophrenia in adulthood, study says
11 December 2018

'Missed opportunities': GPs criticised after teen suicide

No detailed history was taken despite 17 conversations with doctors in nine weeks.
04 December 2018

Clonidine scripts for under-6s implicated in poisonings

It's not recommended for young children, but is prescribed anyway.
19 November 2018

Kids with mental health disorders 'failing to receive adequate care'

Only 12% of children receive treatment that meets minimal clinical practice guidelines, study shows.
12 November 2018

'Defiant' ketamine doctor struck off for two years

Tribunal has blasted Dr Leimen Chen's 'lack of insight' and banned him for at least two years.
15 August 2018

The remarkable story of the Australian doctor who revolutionised bipolar treatment

Australian Dr John Cade’s name is not widely recognised, yet he is largely responsible for a drug that has transformed the lives of millions.
05 April 2018

Why surgeons are better than mere mortals

College study gives them top marks but shows they become increasingly neurotic
21 February 2018