Published Articles

Medicare relief for patients with severe eating disorders

Doctors will be able to refer for up to 40 psychological services and 20 with a dietitian each year.
10 December 2018

Refugee kids receive cash settlements over poor healthcare in detention

The government failed to protect the siblings from psychiatric harm, says family.
05 December 2018

Forced ECT on patient with schizophrenia 'violated human rights'

ANALYSIS: He was sedated and mechanically restrained to a bed before receiving six treatments against his will.
22 November 2018

Concussion linked with increased risk of suicide

A knock to the head is associated with long-term neuropsychiatric illness, study finds.
14 November 2018

Autism guidelines to offer GPs better direction

The aim is to improve inconsistent diagnostic practices.
22 October 2018

DORA the ignorer: Prescription-tracking system failing to monitor all high-risk addictive drugs

Diazepam, quetiapine and fluoxetine contributed to ex-Navy submariner's death, says coroner.
02 October 2018

Experts divided over WHO listing gaming addiction as mental health disorder

The decision by WHO to dub gaming addiction a mental health disorder has divided experts internationally, with an Australian researcher suggesting scientific support for it is not rock solid
25 June 2018

'Exaggerated' diagnoses land expert witness in trouble

A judge has savaged a psychiatrist for “exaggerated and unrealistic” expert evidence after he diagnosed a child with PTSD, separation anxiety disorder and a clinical phobia of traffic following a car crash.
24 November 2017