Published Articles

Deadly bacterial infection cases rise following floods

Experts caution vigilance for people with pre-existing health conditions, who are at higher risk of complications.
14 February 2019

'Unusually high' spike in summer flu sparks vax reminder

More than 7000 cases have been reported to health authorities nationally.
08 February 2019

GPs on lyssavirus alert as heat-stressed bats dropping like flies

15 people have been injured by the animals in the past two months.
17 January 2019

Rethink that extra drink: a glass of wine takes half an hour to walk off

Behavioural intervention stops revellers from stacking on the kilos, say researchers.
19 December 2018

Concern over booze ads in GP waiting room

Infotainment provider says its placing of alcohol ads into a medical setting was a 'genuine error'.
19 December 2018

'Highly efficacious' shingles vaccine excluded from NIP

The vaccine's cost and long-term effectiveness remain in doubt, says the PBAC.
18 December 2018

Australia's allergen monitoring not up to scratch in the face of climate change

The nation is highly vulnerable to more thunderstorm asthma events and needs better equipment to track allergens, says researcher.
07 December 2018

Fake drugs – the global racket putting lives at risk

It's claimed up to 10% of medicines used worldwide are counterfeit.
07 December 2018

Laid bare: Sex workers report rising demand for condomless sex

Criminalisation of sex work makes it harder to say 'no' and keep the client, says expert.
05 December 2018

GPs, don’t be lax on this vax for older patients

It has the added bonus of reducing time in hospital for cardiovascular events.
08 November 2018