Published Articles

Medicare rebates for imaging to lift for first time in 20 years

Health minister Greg Hunt pledges $200 million to reduce out-of-pocket costs for scans.
18 March 2019

Australian trial defines ideal prostate therapy

The finding means many men will be spared the long-term side effects linked to testosterone-suppression therapy.
31 January 2019

Radiologists may soon refuse imaging requests

The RACGP is backing a proposal that could see radiologists refuse GP referrals when patients turn up for an X-ray or scan
05 July 2018

Unsavoury findings? Melbourne doctors subject meat pies to MRI

Melbourne doctors have discovered serious limitations in MRI technology after they failed to fully answer one of science’s biggest mysteries — the contents of the average Aussie meat pie.
17 May 2018

Lift restrictions on GPs ordering MRIs, urges Senate report

GPs need more freedom to refer patients for Medicare-funded MRI services, a Senate inquiry had found.
13 March 2018

GPs heed 'do-not-do' advice on imaging

The first evaluation results for the Choosing Wisely’s campaign show that GPs are taking heed of its messages on low value and inappropriate tests and treatments. 
18 December 2017

Chiros to lose spinal X-ray Medicare rebates

Chiropractors will lose access to Medicare items for spinal X-rays for low back pain from November.
25 August 2017

Taskforce says GPs should lose access to knee MRIs for over-50s

GPs will be lose MBS ordering privileges for knee MRIs for patients aged 50 or older under proposals from the MBS Review Taskforce.
07 June 2017