Published Articles

Former Primary boss found guilty of falsifying books

Peter Gregg found guilty of criminal conduct in previous role with construction firm.
12 December 2018

New system lets GPs prescribe cannabis in hours

The online process is so easy it's not worth becoming an authorised prescriber, says the first Australian GP to do so.
11 December 2018

'We doctors are hurting': AMA boss slams mandatory reporting law

Dr Tony Bartone says the proposed legislation will only have negative consequences.
05 December 2018

GP's attack on complainant sparks AHPRA review of privacy safeguards

Victim was told her complaint would be expedited if her name was disclosed.
23 November 2018

Tristar could start charging patients amid rural doctor shortage

Locating a doctor who will work in the bush is like 'finding a unicorn', says CEO.
14 November 2018

Chiro crackdown: New move to combat misleading ads

The Chiropractors Board of Australia will force its members to complete an advertising compliance declaration at registration renewal.
13 November 2018

Changes to mandatory reporting finally revealed

But the AMA calls them 'ambiguous and disappointing'.
02 November 2018

PIP threatened for GP practices with safety lapses

But they'll be able to seek accreditation if they reduce risks immediately.
10 September 2018

Surviving complaints: doctors tell of their experiences at the hands of AHPRA

Colleagues weigh in with support for those subject to AHPRA investigations
28 August 2018

Respect: find out what it means, GPs

The RACGP wants all codes of conduct to acknowledge the GP's role as a central co-ordinator of care
28 August 2018