Published Articles

Should we force severely addicted patients to undergo treatment?

The use of forced treatment of patients with severe drug and alcohol addiction is growing. The ethical issues cut deep. Australian Doctor investigates.
14 May 2016

GPs urged to boost cardiac rehab rates

GPs can help lift low referral rates for cardiac rehabilitation by following up all patients discharged after a major heart event or procedure.
21 April 2016

Take-home naloxone is a life saver, study shows

A take-home naloxone program in NSW has been declared a success after half of those given the opioid antagonist used it to reverse an overdose.
21 April 2016

WA Govt introduces mandatory drug rehab

The WA Government will force people with severe drug and alcohol problems into treatment, partly in a bid to tackle the growing number of ice users in the state.
18 April 2016

GPs not providing ‘alternate duty’ sick notes: study

Some injured workers are missing out on medical certificates from GPs that provide for a graduated return to work or alternate duties after time off, Victorian research shows.
12 April 2016

Push for MBS items to cover pulmonary rehab

New MBS items are being sought to allow GPs to refer patients with chronic lung disease for eight weeks of community-based pulmonary rehabilitation.
14 October 2015

Sick notes out and 'fit notes' in, says Govt

The traditional sick certificate issued by GPs for patients returning to work after illness or injury may soon be replaced by a ‘fit note’ following a government-funded trial.
19 September 2015

Crash victims at risk of opioid addiction

People injured in road traffic accidents are at risk of being overprescribed opioids and benzodiazepines because they see multiple doctors, warn researchers.
19 August 2015

GPs seen as soft touch in compo cases

GPs are not trying hard enough to encourage injured workers to go back to work, according to employers and workers’ compensation groups.
18 August 2015

Walking as good as rehab for COPD

Walking 2-3 times a week is an effective alternative to pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with COPD, research from NSW finds.
02 September 2014