Published Articles

Money wasted on 'expensive' wound dressings: RACGP

The college wants new guidelines to counteract the effects of marketing.
25 February 2019

Care plan crackdown has AMA support - with one caveat

The AMA says it is happy with proposed restrictions on care plans if they come with more cash for the sector.
09 January 2019

GPs face mounting paperwork for compo patients

The RACGP is calling for more funding and support for GPs to manage patients injured at work.
08 January 2019

GPs to get call-out fees for aged-care visits under reform plan

Doctors hail the 'once in a generation' chance to fix the sector
01 November 2018

Primary Health Care admits to underpaying staff by $18m

No GPs were impacted by the remuneration issue.
26 October 2018

RACGP council owed thousands in back pay after constitutional check-up

A resolution to solve the problem will be put forward at the annual general meeting.
24 September 2018

Want to know how much the RACGP's big boss earns?

Put it this way: In less than two years, she'd have no need to play 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'.
20 September 2018

Revealed: the number of patients who never pay for GP care

Generosity on bulk-billing has an expiry date, says Dr Nespolon.
16 August 2018

Offering GP salaries is recruitment winner, says corporate

A new corporate offering GPs salaries of up to $300,000 rather than fee-for-service has recruited 10 doctors
06 July 2018

AMA ethics chief warns against 'growing interest' in GP dispensing

GPs must avoid a “race to the bottom” with pharmacists and stand against doctors dispensing for profit, the AMA’s ethics chief says
27 June 2018