Published Articles

Diabetes prescribing at odds with guidelines: study

But experts say it doesn't mean it's inappropriate.
28 February 2019

'Some patients take 90 tablets of codeine-ibuprofen per day'

Dr Jacinta Johnson (PhD), a clinical pharmacist at Flinders Medical Centre, SA, explains her research findings on the misuse of OTC analgesics.
09 November 2016

Two diabetes drugs under review over acute kidney disease

The TGA is considering strengthening an existing safety warning about the risk of acute kidney injury for two diabetes drugs.
22 June 2016

Diabetes drug slows kidney disease by 40%, shows study

Empagliflozin slows the progression of diabetic nephropathy by almost 40% in type 2 diabetes patients, a major international trial shows.
16 June 2016

90% of those with chronic kidney disease don't know they have it

More than 1.7 million Australian adults are living with signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease but almost all of them don’t know they have it, according to a new report.
09 June 2016

TGA reviews renal function warnings for metformin

The TGA is to review warnings for metformin about its use in patients with mild to moderate renal impairment and risk of lactic acidosis.
12 April 2016

GP 'beacon' practice model mooted

A 'beacon’ practice scheme proposed for Primary Health Networks will see patients with chronic diseases referred to GP specialists rather than hospital outpatients.
11 March 2016

Carbon dating reveals kidney stones are decades in the making

A pioneering Australian nuclear scientist has used carbon dating to reveal that kidney stones may grow for two decades or more before they cause symptoms.
02 October 2015

Throat lozenges trigger hypokalaemia

Fisherman’s Friend lozenges may be an enemy of healthy potassium levels because their licorice content can cause a hypermineralocorticoid state, endocrinologists warn.
27 July 2015

Tributes flow in for 'giant of the profession'

Tributes are being paid to the pioneering doctor Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, who has died at her Melbourne home at the age of 88 following a stroke.
22 July 2015