Published Articles

Pregnant pause: New twist in paracetamol–asthma link

Other factors at play since other analgesics show similar increases, authors speculate.
19 March 2019

Asthma guidelines overhaul: No meds for infants

'Vast majority of wheezing illness in infants is not due to asthma.'
11 March 2019

Concern over calls to shift asthma care from 'GP-centric' model

New discussion paper suggests involving community pharmacists in the development of patients' action plans.
06 March 2019

GP cleared over death of 'difficult' patient

The coroner found the GP provided suboptimal care but was not ultimately responsible for her patient's death.
08 January 2019

One in five lung cancer patients miss out on treatment: report

The Lung Foundation Australia says delays in diagnosis are resulting in poorer outcomes.
26 October 2018

Why this state's high asthma hospitalisation rate might be a good thing

It seems GPs in SA are following the guidelines better, says expert.
13 September 2018

Children need antibiotics for chronic wet cough

A prolonged paediatric cough could indicate more serious underlying conditions.
22 August 2018