Published Articles

How APoB levels may change the way we predict CHD

Study suggests measuring the levels may be superior to testing for cholesterol.
11 February 2019

ACCEPt defeat? No way, says lead investigator of general practice chlamydia screening trial

Repeat testing and partner notification is the way forward, she says.
30 October 2018

Medicare Taskforce unveils 'once-in-a-lifetime' colonoscopy offer

Patients must meet strict new criteria to get the MBS item for free.
26 October 2018

Hospitals told to deliver better colonoscopy feedback for GPs

Calls for information on all histological findings and recommended follow-up.
10 September 2018

Call to screen everyone aged 40-75 with CACS

Current guidelines are obsolete, insists leading cardiologist.
16 August 2018

Participation in bowel cancer screening program passes 40% mark

Participation in the national bowel cancer screening program has crept up to 41%, data shows.
31 May 2018

HPV vaccine no riskier than placebo, according to largest review yet

 HPV vaccination confers no more risk of serious side effects than placebo, say Cochrane reviewers who condemn continuing scaremongering over the jab. 
09 May 2018

Key component of new cervical screening program kicks off, after delay

The self-sampling HPV screening test is now available, six weeks after the start of the new national cervical screening program.
15 January 2018

Trichomoniasis rates will rise as Pap tests plummet, experts predict

A rise in cases of Trichoma vaginalis is being predicted as an unintended consequence of the switch to HPV-based cervical screening in Australia.
12 January 2018