Published Articles

Was the Pill's 21/7 regime really invented to please the Pope?

Critics say the Pill's 7-day break was designed to please the Pope. But are the claims true?
05 February 2019

Fresh warnings amid high antibiotic resistance rates for M. genitalium

Researchers 'astounded' by the levels detected in Queensland.
22 January 2019

TGA accused of trying to criminalise gay sex

The watchdog's attempt to ban alkyl nitrates has raised several concerns.
17 January 2019

Christian lobbyists target Medical Board's draft code of conduct

They claim it is pro-intervention for transgender patients.
10 January 2019

Missed testing opportunities contribute to late HIV diagnoses

Targeted HIV testing among patients diagnosed with gonorrhoea offers best return on investment, researchers say
13 December 2018

Sixth case of HIV in patient taking PrEP

The US patient reported good adherence to PrEP in the 'extremely rare' case.
06 December 2018

Laid bare: Sex workers report rising demand for condomless sex

Criminalisation of sex work makes it harder to say 'no' and keep the client, says expert.
05 December 2018

Doctors protest closure of sexual health clinics amid syphilis outbreak

Hundreds sign open letter urging SA govt to reconsider $500k budget cuts.
27 November 2018

Syphilis spreads to Adelaide

SA health alert urges doctors to increase screening of at-risk groups.
15 November 2018

Increase in anal cancer in women 'dramatic': sexual health expert

It may be linked to changes in sexual behaviour, says Professor Hillman.
02 November 2018