Published Articles

A doctor's nightmare

Despite being awarded a record $480,000 in damages for libel, the doctor at the centre of the courtroom drama feels this is not the last he’ll hear from his ‘bonded’ patient.
07 July 2017

Slick, misleading YouTube clips pose health threat

Just 15 out of a random sample of 400 paediatric YouTube videos were any good, researchers find.
25 January 2017

Health websites named in 'fake news' list

Three health websites are among dozens of 'fake news' sites detailed on a list drawn up by a US academic in the wake Donald Trump's election to the presidency.
18 November 2016

How close are you to your smartphone?

Australian Doctor would like to know how many of our readers use messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Take our poll.
18 November 2016

Could Facebook help treat mental illness?

A lot of people like to peek at someone else’s Facebook or Twitter account. Now, researchers from the University of Cambridge and Stanford University are pushing for that peek to become a formal part of mental healthcare.
17 November 2016

Sussan Ley vows to investigate clinic

Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley has vowed to investigate a clinic which knocked back a cancer patient attending for her normally bulk-billed annual bone scan.
26 July 2016

Forget Dr Google, mums now consulting Dr Facebook

Pregnant women and new mums are turning to Facebook mothers’ groups for medical information, but the advice they receive is occasionally dangerous a study shows.
18 May 2016

Are doctors getting set to sue Google?

In the wake of a court decision involving Google, we explore whether GPs could soon be able to sue the internet giant for defamatory comments posted by patients on doctor-review sites.
12 November 2015

How Dr Google spawned a new breed of health ‘experts’

How has it become acceptable for anyone who can use Dr Google to call themselves a health ‘expert’, asks Tim Harding, a columnist for the Skeptic magazine.
30 October 2015

Anti-vax chiro banned from hosting med students

An anti-vaccination chiropractor has been 'permanently terminated' from his role offering placements for medical students at the University of NSW.
20 August 2015