Published Articles

Another job for GPs? Plans unveiled for fee comparison site

It will ultimately provide information on all specialties except general practice.
04 March 2019

Pathologists 'taken for granted' by other doctors

Too many doctors think tests enter a black box that pops out the answer, says college president.
15 November 2018

Specialist fee website to be unveiled by next year, says Greg Hunt

Government establishing a model to force doctors to publish their fees.
17 August 2018

AMA backs GP's website that reveals specialist fees

But Dr Michael Gannon warns the website could drive up fees.
06 September 2017

'One-person army': GP exposes specialist fees on new website

Between consults, Dr Richard Zhu phones some 30 specialists every day.
05 September 2017

Wide pay gap persists between male and female doctors

Female doctors continue to earn far less than men across almost every medical specialty, including general practice.
30 August 2017

How much do GPs earn compared with other specialists?

EXCLUSIVE: GP earnings per hour are the lowest of all medical specialties, according to figures obtained by Australian Doctor.
25 August 2017