Published Articles

Up there, Cazaly: Are painkiller injections in sport safe?

Players face complications from exposure to local anaesthetics.
18 March 2019

GP apologises over 'defamatory' boxing comments

A GP who criticised a ringside doctor for not stopping the high-profile Green-Mundine boxing match has apologised in court.
18 September 2017

Platelet-rich plasma: Don't believe the hype

Athletes and celebrities should not be hyping platelet-rich plasma injections for wound healing and rejuvenation, researchers say.
12 August 2017

Could pocket-sized ultrasound be the new toy in the GP toolkit?

Researchers are excited by the prospect of its use in diagnosing Achilles tendon injuries.
09 August 2017

Researchers surprised GPs are still injecting steroids for tennis elbow

GPs have not lost their enthusiasm for giving steroid injections for tennis elbow despite evidence that a wait-and-see approach is best.
24 July 2017

Headbangers: Concussion on the field

Once thought of as a laugh, concussion is now being taken seriously by the NRL.
09 May 2017

Star athletes awarded free kick at Medicare

Professional athletes have been given full licence to claim Medicare for treating their injuries despite the general ban on patients using Medicare for work-related health problems.
04 May 2017

NRL resists calls to employ independent match doctors

Several present and former players are warning that club doctors can be pressured by coaches to allow concussed players back on the field.
06 March 2017

Ringside GP hits out at ref after Mundine-Green bout

Dr Lou Lewis has slammed boxing officials who allowed a fight to continue over his objections.
10 February 2017

Physio no better than 'usual care' for ankle sprains

Referring patients to a physiotherapist for a simple ankle sprain may be a waste of time and money, a large trial suggests.
18 November 2016