Published Articles

What are the top 9 unnecessary hospital procedures?

Predictably, knee arthroscopy is up there, but there are a few other surprises on the list
21 February 2019

Anaesthesia has 'no lasting impact' on kids' brain development

However, the safety of longer or repeated exposures is unclear, say researchers.
19 February 2019

Age no barrier for knee replacement, Aussie research finds

Being under 50 or over 90 were previously considered contraindications for the surgery.
18 February 2019

Health minister weighs in after registrar's shocking blog

Hospital faces calls to review 'dangerous' working hours.
06 February 2019

Plastic surgeons call for ban on 'cosmetic surgeon' label

It comes as Supreme Court allows class action against major cosmetic corporate.
11 December 2018

Call to make GP sign-off compulsory for cosmetic procedures

A NSW inquiry wants the idea considered for the whole country.
22 November 2018

In pictures: the surgical fee info that health funds want to share with GPs

Three major health insurers are backing a project to post details on surgeons' fees and experience on GP software.
21 November 2018

Warning over plan to ban surgical assistant rebates

The MBS review wants assistants to bill surgeons directly for their work in an operation.
03 October 2018

No defamation payout for doctor after hate campaign patient vanishes

The man who was ordered to pay a six-figure sum in compensation after launching a social media hate campaign against his surgeon has apparently vanished
19 June 2018