Published Articles

FDA approval of ketamine spray signals 'major shift' in depression therapy

It is 'quite likely' the TGA will approve the drug to treat resistant depression in Australia, says psychiatrist.
15 March 2019

CAM or scam? TGA reveals the claims that didn't make the cut

The regulator refused to endorse more than 3000 clinical indications, including many that claimed to treat serious conditions.
08 March 2019

ARBs to be tested over contamination concerns

The move from the TGA follows the withdrawal of two valsartan brands last year.
27 February 2019

TGA unveils plan to make more medicines available OTC

Introducing Schedule 3-and-a-bit.
26 February 2019

No more 'open body orifices': TGA revamps CAM indications

Watchdog uses CAM experts for advice on dubious claims.
19 February 2019

New weight-loss drug combines naltrexone and bupropion

However, the withdrawal rates from earlier trials was as high as 50%.
07 February 2019

TGA accused of trying to criminalise gay sex

The watchdog's attempt to ban alkyl nitrates has raised several concerns.
17 January 2019

More valsartan recalled because of contamination

The TGA says all Apotex valsartan has been recalled due to the presence of trace amounts of an impurity.
19 December 2018

Legal action against clinic selling peptides direct to public

It's alleged the Sydney clinic promoted the treatment for a range of serious conditions, including anxiety and depression.
18 December 2018

New system lets GPs prescribe cannabis in hours

The online process is so easy it's not worth becoming an authorised prescriber, says the first Australian GP to do so.
11 December 2018