Published Articles

TGA to re-examine clinical indications for prescription opioids

More than 700 Australians die every year from misuse.
20 September 2018

TGA rejects sildenafil OTC application

Downscheduling could delay diagnosis of CVD, committee concludes.
12 September 2018

'Tough' new laws to protect against medicine shortages pass Senate

Pharma companies will have two days to alert the TGA, or face $210k fine.
11 September 2018

TGA investigating pregabalin misuse as overdoses increase

There are calls to include the drug in real-time prescription monitoring systems
29 August 2018

Shortages hit MenACWY vaccines

Menactra joins Menveo on the TGA's list
10 August 2018

TGA eyes tougher regulation for smartphone health apps

Smartphone apps that offer therapeutic advice, such as insulin dosage calculations, will be assessed by the TGA for safety under a new proposal to protect patients
31 July 2018

TGA issues warning over type 2 diabetes drugs

The TGA is moving to strengthen warnings on sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors as cases of perioperative diabetic ketoacidosis continue to mount
19 July 2018

Asthma medication montelukast to carry new safety warning

Additional safety warnings will be included in montelukast (Singulair) packaging after being linked to suicidal ideation and depression in children
13 July 2018

Pharma will be given two days to report critical medicine shortages

Pharma companies will have to alert the TGA about looming shortages of critical medicines within two days under tough new reporting laws before Parliament
29 June 2018