Published Articles

Vaping more effective than nicotine patches, but there's a catch

Patients trying to quit smoking reported more long-term success with one product, say UK researchers.
01 February 2019

Lab results reveal what's really in your patients' e-cigarettes

6 out of 10 e-liquids marketed as 'nicotine-free' were found to contain nicotine.
14 January 2019

Has the prison smoking ban actually worked?

Almost 75 per cent of people entering the prison system are smokers – six times the rate of the general population.
09 October 2018

Pro-vaping charity hits back at claims it was hiding industry links

Dr Colin Mendelsohn rejects assertions his organisation tried to mislead the public.
03 September 2018

E-cigarette firms fined for misleading claims

E-cigarette retailers who claimed their products were free from the toxins found in normal cigarettes have been found guilty of duping customers.
09 May 2017

Health officials urged to raid corner shops selling black market tobacco

Forget about going after drug kingpins a la Breaking Bad; health department staffers are being urged to form strike teams to bust down doors and nab corner shop owners selling blackmarket tobacco.
28 February 2017

Exploding e-cigarettes can cause serious burns and blast injuries

Exploding e-cigarettes are causing serious burns and blast injuries, which are becoming a growing public health issue, doctors report.
24 October 2016

What smokers need to quit

19 September 2016