Published Articles

Australia urged to consider 'opt-out' organ donation

Inquiry says the scheme could reduce human organ trafficking and transplant tourism.
12 December 2018

Faecal transplant success for ulcerative colitis

Faecal transplantation may be the answer for patients with treatment-resistant ulcerative colitis, Australian researchers say.
24 May 2016

Organ donation inquiry sparks on-air resignation

Australia’s low organ donation rates have been put in the spotlight with the dramatic on-air resignation of Sunrise host David Koch from his position on a key advisory body.
27 May 2015

Child-to-adult kidney transplant success

Perth surgeons have broken new ground by successfully transplanting a deceased toddler’s kidneys into a 35-year-old man.
17 October 2013

Doctors grow new nose on man's forehead

Surgeons in China have grown a new nose on the forehead of a male patient whose real nose became infected and deformed as a result of trauma from a road traffic accident.
26 September 2013

Success for Australia’s first hand transplant

The recipient of Australia’s first hand transplant can now write, feed himself and put on his own prosthetic limbs, his doctors have reported.
20 August 2013

Mystery of organ recipient deaths resolved

Six years after three Australians died following the transplantation of organs from the same donor a coroner has concluded that the deaths were caused by a mouse virus.
08 May 2013

Major religions bless organ donation

Reigious leaders have moved to reassure their congregations about the ethics of organ donation, under a push to bolster donation rates in Australia.
25 February 2013

Landmark intestinal transplant a success

Surgeons have completed Australia’s first liver-intestinal transplant, in a marathon procedure lasting more than 13 hours and involving 20 staff.
15 October 2012

Organ donation levels fall

The Federal Government is facing fresh criticism after figures revealed organ donations have declined since last year.
22 August 2012