Published Articles

A step too far: Doctors hit back at 'black marks' against their name

More than 1500 people have signed a doctor-led online petition calling for AHPRA to stop linking tribunal results to the practitioner register
28 June 2018

Doctor chaperones failing to protect public: lawyers

Patients' lawyers are backing calls for the medical chaperone system to be overhauled amid growing claims that it is failing to protect the public.
05 August 2016

GP loses legal battle to dispense PBS drugs

A group of pharmacies have blocked a Brisbane GP from obtaining the right to dispense prescription medications despite public support from patients.
04 January 2016

Racism case brought by IMG heads back to tribunal

A racial discrimination case examining whether it was reasonable for a state government to deny an IMG an internship will return to a tribunal next week.
03 December 2015

GP accused of murder loses bid to return to practise

A GP on bail accused of murdering his wife has lost his bid to be allowed to treat patients for now.
26 August 2015

GP with 'unshakeable' alternative beliefs sanctioned

A GP who claimed his pig-derived hormone treatments and multivitamin injections led to 'miraculous' cures has been found guilty of professional misconduct for writing scripts while suspended.
12 August 2015

Ski-lift accident GP loses $1m compensation

A Sydney GP who was hit in the groin by a ski-lift has lost her right to claim over $1 million compensation.
18 June 2015

Jayant Patel banned for life

Jayant Patel, the former Bundaberg doctor who was cleared of manslaughter over the death of his patients, has been given a life ban from practising medicine in Australia.
15 May 2015

Narcissist GP receives 7-year practice ban

A Sydney GP with narcissistic disorder who misdiagnosed patients and charged hundreds of dollars for hotel room consults has been banned from practice for seven years.
27 April 2015