Published Articles

Got the bends: Penile curvature 'affects one in five' Aussie men

The study results suggest that Peyronie's disease may be underdiagnosed.
07 November 2018

Early orchidopexy cuts testicular cancer risk

Boys with undescended testes are more than twice as likely to develop the disease.
04 September 2018

Debate rages over who should see prostate cancer patients

A debate has emerged between urologists and radiation oncologists over which specialty is best placed to advise patients about radiation treatment
12 June 2018

Inactive surveillance? Men with low-risk prostate cancer fall through cracks

Nearly three-quarters of Australian men with low-risk prostate cancer are not being properly followed up in line with best practice, researchers warn.
29 May 2018

TGA bans vaginal mesh implants

The TGA has banned all transvaginal mesh products for use in pelvic organ prolapse surgery.
29 November 2017

GP registrars are ordering too many PSA tests

Researchers say targeted education may be needed.
07 September 2017

20 years on, what happens to men who forgo prostate surgery?

Men who are managed by observation only after a low-risk prostate cancer diagnosis live as long as those managed with radical prostatectomy, 20-year data from a US study show.
14 July 2017

Skip the dipstick in uncomplicated UTI: study

GPs could do away with MSU tests for symptomatic uncomplicated UTIs and treat empirically with antibiotics, a new study suggests.
03 May 2017