Published Articles

The science is in: Aspirin for CVD primary prevention is out

Nevertheless, the practice is still widespread globally despite being controversial.
23 January 2019

World-first Australian test could predict CAD prognosis

In a world first, Australian researchers have shown that measurement of a particular enzyme in plasma could predict the risk of events in patients with severe coronary artery disease
15 June 2018

Diabetes drug may help prevent aortic rupture

Australian researchers have identified yet another old drug that could perform new tricks.
11 July 2017

Benefits of BP-lowering persist well into old age

Elderly men will benefit from taking blood pressure-lowering medication well into their later years, an Australian study suggests.
26 April 2017

Push for clearer clot warnings on combined Pill

Women starting on the Pill should be given comparison tables of the progestogen-related thrombosis risks of combined oral contraceptives, the TGA says.
22 December 2016

Scurvy causing poor wound healing in diabetes

Scurvy may be an overlooked cause of poorly healing foot ulcers in people with diabetes, Australian endocrinologists say.
22 November 2016

GPs urged to increase diabetic foot referrals

Podiatrists are urging GPs to refer all patients with diabetes to multidisciplinary foot clinics to prevent infections and amputations.
03 December 2015

Home-sleep study firm denies misdiagnosis claims

Allegations that scores of patients are being wrongly diagnosed with OSA by companies selling CPAP machines have been strongly refuted by a major player in the industry.
28 July 2015

Raise BP targets for coronary patients: cardiologist

Blood pressure targets should be revised upward to 140/90mmHg for most patients with co-existing hypertension and coronary artery disease, an Australian expert says.
21 July 2015

Catalyst program may have led to 3000 CVD events

More than 60,000 patients are estimated to have discontinued statins or refused to start them after seeing an ABC TV Catalyst program on the medications, researchers warn.
16 June 2015