Published Articles

Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of heart disease

This is the first time the protective relationship between breastfeeding and cardiovascular disease has been quantified, say researchers.
20 March 2019

UQ clears Universal Medicine academic of misconduct

Researcher claimed to have found evidence that the alleged cult's female followers had lower levels of physical and mental illness.
19 March 2019

Alzheimer's disease link to HRT downplayed

Women using long-term hormone therapy have a slightly higher chance of developing the neurodegenerative disease, say researchers.
13 March 2019

Labor reveals its plans for OTC oral contraceptives

The party has also pledged to tackle the problem of patchy abortion access.
06 March 2019

Reassurance for women who have had a stillbirth

The time between pregnancies plays no part in the risk of another stillbirth: large-scale study.
04 March 2019

Women waiting up to three weeks for an abortion in SA

GP calls for reform so all GPs can prescribe medical terminations.
26 February 2019

Miscarriage risk from OTC thrush meds could 'prompt rethink'

Higher doses increase risk of cardiac anomalies by 80%: study.
22 February 2019

Abortion clinic staff wearing body cameras to deter attacks

They've been spat on and branded 'murderers'.
18 February 2019

Abortion: 'Women tell us that GPs not only won’t assist them, but they won’t refer them on'

Some doctors may be skirting their obligations to refer women on who are seeking an abortion.
01 February 2019

IVF: The Medicare cuts the government won't make

MBS review says current funding is being wasted.
17 January 2019