Published Articles

You're a wizard, Harry - England resorts to Hogwarts magic to lure Aussie GPs

UK Government conjures up spellbinding campaign as part of recruitment drive in the land Down Under.
06 February 2019

Dollars for doctors: UK offering $34,000 to attract Aussie GPs

Why the bloody hell would you?
10 October 2018

New central agency to vet IMG recruitment

Govt says it wants 'improved targeting' of doctors going into areas of need.
11 September 2018

Primary plans to increase its GP workforce by 45%

Company says dozens of doctors didn't meet 'quality reset' standards.
20 August 2018

Revealed: Handful of doctors claim sizeable slice of the 'urgent' after-hours pie

A group of 450 doctors are responsible for billing 60% of urgent after hours call outs generating around $130 million in Medicare rebates, new figures show.
23 February 2018

Primary's GP recruitment improves as profits fall

Primary Health Care claims its recruitment and retention of GPs is now at industry norms as it continues itsĀ attempts to revamp its image.
16 February 2018

'It's not okay to pay us less to do the same work as men'

The pay discrepancy between equally trained Australian doctors is outrageous, writes Dr Isis Maitland-Scott.
30 August 2017