Published Articles

'It's not okay to pay us less to do the same work as men'

The pay discrepancy between equally trained Australian doctors is outrageous, writes Dr Isis Maitland-Scott.
30 August 2017

Wide pay gap persists between male and female doctors

Female doctors continue to earn far less than men across almost every medical specialty, including general practice.
30 August 2017

So the UK wants you? 7 reasons why you should stay

Australian doctors are once again the object of England’s desire under another plan to solve its reoccurring GP workforce crisis.
23 August 2017

'Record numbers' of GPs join Primary amid strategy shift

The brand is shifting away from its "historical reliance" on the MBS.
25 July 2017

$6m GP Super Clinic, with no GPs, closes its doors

The GP Super Clinic had everything — except a GP.
22 July 2017

5 ways to boost flu vax uptake among healthcare workers

More robust flu vaccination campaigns are warranted to increase the low uptake of the vaccine among healthcare workers, Victorian researchers suggest.
18 July 2017

How personal tragedy inspired this Aboriginal medical student to pursue general practice

Personal tragedy is inspiring a young Indigenous medical student to become a GP and preserve his traditional culture.
09 June 2017

Non-citizen doctor sacked from govt job

Dr Pam Rana was due to start her new government job on Monday, only to be sacked for being a non-citizen.
05 May 2017

What would a GP use to look for a job?

Australian Doctor wants to know - what would a GP use to look for a job?
18 April 2017