Published Articles

Forget singing for supper, this town is singing for a GP

Residents in the small town are taking a creative approach to lure more doctors.
12 March 2019

Health minister weighs in after registrar's shocking blog

Hospital faces calls to review 'dangerous' working hours.
06 February 2019

Dollars for doctors: UK offering $34,000 to attract Aussie GPs

Why the bloody hell would you?
10 October 2018

PLAN is now voluntary ... but GPs will be forced to do a revamped version

The RACGP has already started work on a follow-up for its much-maligned self-reflection activity.
18 September 2018

Australian GPs among the happiest in world

Only Norway has happier GPs.
17 February 2017

PBS authority script line's 'Smooth Steve' to be replaced by bot

Authority script phone line operators will be replaced by computers under the latest attempt to streamline the system that sucks up hours of GP time.
26 November 2016

Longer GP consults don’t increase patient satisfaction

Length of consultation has no effect on patients' satisfaction and trust in their GP, UK research suggests.
02 November 2016

Would you like to be happier?

Australian Doctor speaks with Vicki Writer — an international speaker, author and coach in peak performance — about how GPs can lead less stressful lives.
19 October 2016

10 commandments for preventing GP burnout

With GPs under more work pressure than ever, Dr Simon Tobin has developed some guiding principles for the resilient practitioner.
05 October 2016

What GPs do in 15 minutes - no, it's not sex

Australian Doctor takes a brief - evidence-based look - at what you do in 15 minutes.
01 September 2016