Published Articles

5 reasons to be alert for Buruli ulcers in non-endemic areas

A spike in cases of Buruli ulcers is now occurring outside the usual endemic areas of Victoria and Far North Queensland, infectious disease specialists warn.
13 July 2017

Even among fish-handling infections, this one is a rarity

Soft tissue infections from handling fish are unlikely to be caused by virulent marine pathogens, surgeons say.
01 April 2017

Killer on the streets: Rabies in India

Rabid dogs in India are a major public health menace, particularly to children. Mary-Rose Abraham examines the country’s struggle to eradicate the disease.
06 January 2016

Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to unsung heroes

The Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to three scientists for their work on parasites.
06 October 2015

New antibiotic - but is it a game changer?

The discovery of teixobactin, a new type of antibiotic, has been hailed as a major breakthrough in the fight against antibiotic resistance. But does the reality match the hype?
28 January 2015

How much do we spend on healthcare for our pets?

Australians are a nation of pet-lovers, but how far will they go to save their furry friends? And how much will they pay?
20 October 2014