Alice Klein

Published Articles

Are we on the cusp of creating superhumans?

A Chinese cancer patient has become the first person to have their DNA edited using a revolutionary approach. Will genetic engineering finally deliver on its promise?
22 December 2016

79 children die each year in Australia from rare cancers

Rare and less common cancers are a major cause of death in children under 15 in Australia.
11 April 2016

Infant deaths show need for pregnancy pertussis vax

The recent policy of offering free pertussis vaccines to all pregnant women has been supported by new figures.
08 April 2016

Medical Must-See: Snake-like worm infection in foot

Doctors have reported the case of a 42-year-old man who developed a squirming snake-like lesion on his right foot after a holiday to Nigeria.
08 April 2016

One in 10 Australian paediatricians have seen FGM

Around 10% of paediatricians say they have seen female genital mutation in Australian children, research shows.
07 April 2016

Type 1 diabetes complacency cuts 12 years off life

Type 1 diabetes patients are still falling through the cracks and dying 12 years earlier than the rest of the Australian population, research reveals.
06 April 2016

Uncooperative patients undermining gout care: study

GPs are often blamed for suboptimal gout outcomes in Australia, but poor patient adherence may be a bigger culprit, research suggests.
05 April 2016

CBT-antidepressant combo cuts kids' migraine

Amitriptyline coupled with CBT can substantially improve rates of migraine attacks in children and adolescents, research shows.
05 April 2016

Who works longer hours, GPs or other specialists?

On average, GPs are slightly older than other specialists and the profession has a more even gender split.
05 April 2016

Don't take PSA results as gospel, warns pathology chief

The unfolding PSA scandal in SA highlights the importance of being sceptical if results do not fit with the clinical situation, says a leading pathologist.
04 April 2016