Tessa Hoffman

Published Articles

One in five ignored advice from GP after-hours hotline

The recently scaled back After Hours GP Helpline diverted some patients away from EDs, but the impact was modest and many ignored the advice they received, an evaluation shows.
12 August 2016

'Pregnancy is not just about the physical symptoms,' says GP-turned-obstetrician

If two decades caring for women during pregnancy has taught Dr James Ferry one thing, it’s that things are not always what they seem.
07 August 2016

Doctor chaperones failing to protect public: lawyers

Patients' lawyers are backing calls for the medical chaperone system to be overhauled amid growing claims that it is failing to protect the public.
05 August 2016

6 must-haves for Health Care Homes reform

This week a report by published by the RACGP, public health and policy experts sets out a list of 25 principals they say must underpin the reform moving forward.
03 August 2016

Call to abolish 'failing' medical chaperone system

Using medical chaperones to protect patients from allegedly predatory doctors is failing and should be ditched, a former health commissioner warns.
03 August 2016

Green light for unapproved cannabis scripts

Doctors in NSW can now prescribe unapproved cannabis-based medicines as long as they can prove why it's needed, under new rules which come into force on 1 August.
01 August 2016

Practices need $100k extra to make Health Care Homes work: RACGP

The average practice needs an extra $100,000 a year in funding to implement the Health Care Homes model otherwise it will fail, the RACGP has warned.
28 July 2016

GP mentoring of after-hours doctors beefed up

GPs are being paid to mentor non-VR doctors working for the country's largest after-hours service in a bid to offer them better support.
28 July 2016

After-hours doctors need more support: study

One-third of doctors working for the nation's biggest after-hours deputising service report low levels of clinical support while doing their job, a study suggests.
27 July 2016

After-hours targeted after sharp rise in claims

A Medicare crackdown on after-hours billing is underway, with doctors being told to review whether their claims for urgent home visits are genuinely urgent.
26 July 2016