Sarah Wiedersehn

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What were the most popular stories of 2018?

From jailed GPs to doctors' incomes, here's our pick of the issues that piqued our readers' interest over the year.
27 December 2018

More valsartan recalled because of contamination

The TGA says all Apotex valsartan has been recalled due to the presence of trace amounts of an impurity.
19 December 2018

Legal action against clinic selling peptides direct to public

It's alleged the Sydney clinic promoted the treatment for a range of serious conditions, including anxiety and depression.
18 December 2018

Doctors urge PM to legislate staffing ratios in nursing homes

The call comes on the back of several incidents involving alleged abuse of residents.
17 December 2018

Former RACGP president starts 'exciting' new island GP role

Dr Bastian Seidel will lead a team of doctors at a medical centre on Bruny Island.
12 December 2018

Medicare relief for patients with severe eating disorders

Doctors will be able to refer for up to 40 psychological services and 20 with a dietitian each year.
10 December 2018

'We doctors are hurting': AMA boss slams mandatory reporting law

Dr Tony Bartone says the proposed legislation will only have negative consequences.
05 December 2018

Chiro crackdown: New move to combat misleading ads

The Chiropractors Board of Australia will force its members to complete an advertising compliance declaration at registration renewal.
13 November 2018

'This is our lane': Doctors attack powerful gun lobby group

Doctors around the world have responded to a warning by the NRA to stay silent on the issue of gun control.
12 November 2018

'National interest' test for ARC grants has top medical researchers alarmed

Professors Peter Doherty and Ian Frazer say 'national interest' must be defined.
31 October 2018