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Changes to aged-care items in March's MBS Quick Guide

Your handy up-to-date guide on the most important MBS items for general practice.
07 March 2019

Australian Doctor wins journalism award

It's one of more than a dozen Press Club awards in the past decade.
11 January 2019

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03 October 2018

HIV in the 1980s: the gay doctor who fought back

Dr David Bradford has led a remarkable life. As a gay man and sexual health physician when HIV first arrived in Australia, he cared for hundreds of patients with AIDS, many of whom have not survived. In this extract from his biography Tell Me I'm OK, he tells of the prejudice he and his patients had to fight within the medical profession itself.
30 August 2018

90% of those with chronic kidney disease don't know they have it

More than 1.7 million Australian adults are living with signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease but almost all of them don’t know they have it, according to a new report.
09 June 2016

What gets your goat?

"GPs should..." are the two words the specialty hears often and hate most. What has been the most irritating example of a GP's so-called job description?
25 August 2015

Push to beef-up oversight of cosmetic doctors

The Medical Board of Australia is looking to strengthen the regulation of doctors who perform cosmetic procedures.
19 March 2015

Jury's in: the midlife crisis is real

THE midlife crisis is real, according to an Australian-led study of tens of thousands of people in three countries.
20 March 2014

GPs provide health advice from the ground up

DO GPs have a role in helping women with shoe shopping?
11 February 2014

New mums confused about when to visit GP

CONFUSION reigns among new mothers about when they should visit their GP postpartum and for what purpose, new Australian research shows.
04 October 2013