Antonio Bradley

Published Articles

New rules put footy doctors in firing line

Club doctors working in the National Rugby League are facing 'enormous pressure' under new concussion guidelines, with legal threats on one side and commercial interests on the other.
14 April 2015

Fears for older patients once rebate freeze bites

One in 20 older Australians is already struggling to pay their medical bills and with GP 'gap' fees looming to offset the MBS rebate freeze worse is due to come, researchers warn.
10 April 2015

GP censured after suicide of nursing home patient

A Victorian GP has been criticised for her "sub-optimal" care of a culturally isolated woman who took her own life in a nursing home.
08 April 2015

Crackdown on e-cigarettes as use increases

Queensland has become the first state to clamp down on e-cigarettes, treating them in the same way as it treats regular cigarettes, at a time when more Australians are trying out the devices.
02 December 2014

Doctors regain control of glaucoma care

Doctors have successfully fought off a bid by optometrists to diagnose and treat glaucoma independently.
28 November 2014

Anxious parents drive 'benign reflux' overtreatment

One in seven infants are taken to a GP by overanxious parents for gastro-oesophageal reflux, leading to overtreatment with PPIs and H2 antagonists, researchers warn.
27 November 2014

Hyponatraemia death linked to SSRI

Clinicians need to be mindful of sodium levels with antidepressants after a patient died of hyponatraemia while taking an SSRI, a coroner says.
25 November 2014

GPs doing well on ovarian cancer diagnoses

GPs are being commended on their efforts spotting early-stage ovarian cancer, though experts warn advancements to improve early detection are a “long way” off.
21 November 2014

Ezetimibe data confirms CHD benefits for high-risk patients

GPs prescribing ezetimibe as an add-on therapy can finally be reassured that the LDL cholesterol-lowering drug can prevent cardiovascular disease, according to a large trial.
19 November 2014

Vigilance still needed for flu vaccine

Australia is vulnerable to a repeat of the 2010 flu vaccination scare unless it steps up safety monitoring, an infectious diseases expert warns.
17 November 2014