David Brill

Published Articles

'We need to take resuscitation seriously'

Australian Doctor follows one emergency doctor's campaign to tackle the country's 'appalling' resuscitation record. Professor Paul Middleton is speaking at our upcoming Rural Doctor Live Seminar.
04 November 2015

The 'female Viagra' debate

A drug for the treatment of low sexual desire in women has been approved in the US. But some experts are crying foul.
19 August 2015

Homeopathy: are pharmacists selling out?

What will it take for pharmacists to stop selling diet pills, detoxes and homeopathic products? Australian Doctor examines the 'bogus' medicine debate and talks to one pharmacist who is waging a quiet revolution.
04 August 2014

GPs unsure about breast cancer drugs

Doctors' concerns about efficacy and side effects continue to hamper the uptake of breast cancer-preventing drugs in primary care, an Australian study suggests.
25 July 2014

CKD patients uneducated about disease

GPs are “missing an opportunity” to educate patients about kidney disease before referring them onwards, nephrologists say.
17 July 2014

Weather not a barometer for back pain

Got a patient whose bad back ‘flares up’ in cold weather? Chances are it’s all in their head, if new research is to be believed.
15 July 2014

GPs go Dutch to aid cholesterol diagnosis

Soccer isn't the only subject in which Australia can get schooled by the Netherlands - they can also teach us about diagnosing familial hypercholesterolaemia.
14 July 2014

Opioid script restriction may hurt patients

Governments should resist any kneejerk crackdown on opioid prescribing, researchers say, despite a recent “extraordinary” surge in scripts.
11 July 2014

Motion needed on kids' constipation burden

Celebrities don’t champion campaigns about it and politicians don’t discuss it, but kids’ constipation has been revealed as a major burden on the healthcare system.
10 July 2014

Calls to scrap spinal steroid rebate

Another negative trial result for spinal steroid injections has prompted renewed calls for Medicare rebates to be removed for the procedure.
10 July 2014